WITH the extension of the MCO, students are spending a longer time away from campus. While some are happy to stay home, others cannot wait to get back to campus.

To keep students learning at home and to keep them interested to continue learning, UTAR has gone online with e-learning and interactive discussions using software tools and technology. The academics have been working to keep online lessons interesting and engaging so that learning objectives continue to be achieved even when the students are at home.

These online learning resources are the combined efforts of its academic staff and its e-learning team who started e-learning years ago to complement face-to-face teaching and to use technology that is more engaging for the students.

UTAR academics write and compile the learning materials and contents, focusing on key learning outcomes in the curriculum. Over the years, this e-learning programme has been enhanced and expanded to include new technological tools and resources.

UTAR is also sharing with the public, school teachers and students, some of its e-learning resources, which can be accessed via


No password is needed. This link on e-learning is dedicated to the public and school teachers and students who want to know more about e-learning and the various tools they can use. There are also educational resources to read so that they can use their time at home to continue learning online during this period.

School students and even parents can be introduced to e-learning and the various tools that are available; especially students who are new to online learning and can prepare themselves before going to universities.