A photo too costly

01 Apr 2021 / 23:50 H.

    SOME social media users take pride in displaying their profile photos showing them sitting on the edge of high buildings and cliffs. A quick internet search reveals that these people are referred to as “roofers”.

    I have personally seen such photos, and this trend to me is rather worrying and must be stopped immediately. These individuals may want to portray that they are living on the edge and daring enough to take risks.

    However, it is extremely dangerous to pose for and take these photos. Let me remind you that you are dicing with death. Any wrong step and it spells death.

    The point I am trying to make is that the individuals who pose and take these dangerous photos are creating an unnecessary hazard to themselves. Why do you want to tempt fate, with such poses? Do you expect praises and compliments to such dangerous poses and photos all for a few seconds of fame?

    Please value your life. Do not set a bad example for others. You might be creating a trend, especially for young children and teenagers who may think it is okay to follow your move.

    One may argue that it is pure fun and some may even throw the “you only live once” tagline around. My answer is, it is true that we all live only once. Therefore, I ask that you value your life and that of others.

    Malaysia has lost enough lives to the Covid-19 pandemic. I do not want to see, read or hear of unnecessary loss of lives just because some people think it is alright to have some fun.

    Life is not a video game where there is a reset button. There is no going back to start.

    Yeap Ming Liong
    Subang Jaya, Selangor


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