BULLYING should never occur in schools or anywhere else. We need to put an end to disturbing videos of student assaults and bullying.

Such violence and aggression among children are frightening and haunting.

Watching groups of boys ganging up and beating a boy in a room is gut-wrenching and sickening.

Many of us feel helpless and are in a sense of loss over such barbaric and ruthless beatings of the innocent. There have been far too many of these cases in schools and colleges that have hostels and dormitories.

Such violent and aggressive behaviour cannot be tolerated and action has to be taken against bullies to put an end to these forms of abuse.

Students who are assaulted and beaten up are physically and emotionally scarred.

Many suffer from broken bones and ribs and in extreme cases, paralysis and death occur.

Cases of aggression and violence among students within and outside schools and colleges should be checked and curbed by the authorities.

How did our education system create such individuals? Where did we go wrong?

Many children in schools and colleges are violent and aggressive. These bullies make life in school a living hell for other children.

They pick on children who are different, who are weak and small, and who are vulnerable.

Severe punishment should be meted out to students who slap, hit, punch or kick another student for whatever reason, even if they have been provoked.

Repeated and serious aggressive offenders should be expelled from school.

Schools needs to take positive affirmative action and instil fear in bullies by expelling them on the spot.

Sadly, some schools sweep these bullying cases under the carpet for fear of tarnishing their name.

Aggressors and bullies should be sent for rehabilitation to correct their disruptive behaviour.

If this is not done, they will grow up to be juvenile delinquents, vandals and road bullies and may eventually end up as thugs with criminal tendencies.

Parents of bullies should be held responsible and made accountable for their actions.

Many of them come from homes where there is abuse and aggressive, violent behaviour.

Proper enforcement is needed and corporal punishment should be meted out to students who fight and engage in violent behaviour.

Hopefully, teachers, discipline teachers and parents play their role as guardians and look after their children from bullies and hoodlums in schools.

Many children will not tell their teachers or parents if they are being bullied or harassed by fellow students.

The onus is on parents and teachers to check and supervise the children closely in schools.

Samuel Yesuiah