Avert unpaid power bills by tenants

21 Feb 2021 / 20:57 H.

    LANDLORDS who do not wish to end up with unpaid power bills are advised to change the registered account holder’s name to their tenant’s name so that the latter will be fully responsible for any charges due.

    By submitting the Change of Tenancy form, landlords can avert the problem of tenants who leave large unpaid electricity bills upon vacating a rented property.

    Changing the registered account holder’s name is simple. Property owners can do it online via myTNB portal or app (most preferred during the pandemic) or at the nearest Kedai Tenaga.

    The steps to perform Change of Tenancy, including supporting documents needed and related fees, are available on myTNB.

    Landlords can repeat the same process to change the account holder’s name to a new tenant’s, or back to their own name if they decide to stop renting.

    If landlords do not wish to change the tenancy, they can still monitor the tenant’s monthly usage and payment patterns by adding the rented property in their myTNB app.

    Bulbir Singh



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