Don’t be architects of our own destruction

10 Sep 2020 / 02:38 H.

    JOACHIM Ng’s reasoned view in “Rule of two and climate change” that Malaysia has not reduced consumption or population growth but has chosen to reduce forests (theSun, Sept 9) must be closely heeded by the authorities.

    Stakeholders, including our administrators, must understand and strive to minimise the impact of our economic activities on worsening climate change.

    The impacts of climate change and global warming include dire sea-level rises and flooding, negative impacts on our fragile ecosystem, food chain and food security, natural environment and human health.

    For Malaysia, there is need for urgent debate on how to realign our priorities to alleviate climate change.

    The warning flags are already there for all to see.

    As Prince Charles puts it: “In damaging our climate, we are becoming the architects of our own destruction”.

    Sze Loong Steve Ngeow



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