E-learning is the way to go

25 Mar 2020 / 21:01 H.

    “NAY to e-learning’ published in another daily appears shortsighted. In a crisis, e- or online learning has strong merits.

    (1) The negative issue of lack of face-to-face interaction can be overcome by clever use of software like Zoom, where the trainer can be part of the online classroom. Properly planned and resourced, e-learning can be quite interactive through the use of video conferences, webinars, and face-to-face video chats.

    (2) It’s self-paced, which is good for retention.

    (3) 90% of students think e-learning is the same or better than traditional learning.

    (4) E-learning is a faster, more convenient and cheaper way to learn or train because there’s no travel time or classroom operating costs; learners can skip sections they understand; and learners set their own pace, meaning more capable students will complete courses quickly.

    (5) There’s no limit on class sizes.

    Overseas universities and even schools have embraced e-classes in the face of the current crisis.


    Sze Loong Steve Ngeow



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