Ecuador citizens free to express their views

25 Nov 2019 / 19:35 H.

    I AM writing with reference to the opinion article published in theSun on Nov 19 entitled “The coup that overthrew Morales”.

    A sentence in the article reads: “Ecuador is another example of a country where those with a progressive orientation are prepared to resist the regressive forces that seek to re-shape the nation”.

    In this regard, this embassy would like to highlight that Ecuador is a democracy in which all its citizens have the right to give their opinions and to participate from different points of view.

    However, in 40 years of democratic life, Ecuador has not had a war scenario like the one that was experienced last October, in which violent groups tried to overthrow the government using extreme violence and organised attacks, while law enforcement agencies maintained the stability of the country without firing a single bullet.

    In parallel, Ecuador has experienced a media war since September 2019 that seeks to instil fear and dampen people’s spirits through the dissemination of false news.

    During the protests, inaccurate news reports, touched up photos, videos and edited audio tapes – all of them unrelated to the situation in Ecuador – circulated on social media.

    Finally, Ecuador is a peaceful country that will defend its peace in accordance with the law, with the legitimate force of the state and with the civic conviction of all good citizens, who believe in the principles and freedoms that only democracy and human rights guarantee.

    In this sense, the agreements reached between the National Government and the social sectors that brought an end to the protests and that are in force, guarantee Ecuador’s citizens peace, order and the validity of human rights, under the protection of democracy.

    Ivan Maldonado Vaca,

    Charge d’Affaires a. i. of Ecuador


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