Soon it will be too late to pay the price

24 Nov 2019 / 18:54 H.

A SUMATRAN rhino died. Nobody is crying.

We are left with less than 50 tigers in the state forest of Perak. But nobody thinks this will rob them of their bread and butter.

That is how indifferent Malaysians are when it comes to their care, concern and commitment to our fragile environment.

Did we not hear someone high up on the pole of power once rebutt that we cannot be living on trees when activists raised the alarm over the government’s policies that robbed our forests and gave us high economic returns?

And did we not hear too that Malaysian forests are still intact and that deforestation allegations are not true because the green is still intact – with oil palm.

If indeed our forests are intact; if indeed our greening with these “economic wealth” crops is still a forest but only by a different name called “plantations”, then why were we left with the last rhino which just died?

Why are we left with less than 50 tigers in just one state? And soon will we not be reading “Malaysia’ s last tiger dies” too?

Wonder what other wildlife is going busted.

Wonder too how much of our plants have vanished from our tiny land mass that is home to 30 million Malaysians?

How long can we remain indifferent?

How long can we plod along seeking everything and anything just so that we have more bread, more butter and the unstoppable slabs and mortar to parade our “meteoric successes”?

At some point it will be too late to pay any price to redeem our precious land.

The latest news of the death of the last rhino in Malaysia has already sealed our destiny.

Yet who cares. “Life has to go on man” seems to be the justification for the route that we have taken.

J. D. Lovrenciear

Kuala Lumpur


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