No respite from global warming

22 Feb 2021 / 15:14 H.

DESPITE Sir Isaac Newton’s theory that says, “what goes up must come down”, we do not see it working in the case of global warming. The heat seems to be on the rise as the days go by and global warming is not showing any signs of slowing down. Everything that people do whether it is eating, drinking, working or even sleeping generates heat, which is transferred by radiation, inevitably affecting surrounding ambient temperatures.

Things we normally use daily that produce heat are seen everywhere. At home we use energy from gas and electricity for air-conditioners, fans, lightings, electric burners, cookers and kettles for boiling water.

Other gadgets include water heaters, hair blowers, irons, vacuum cleaners, grass-cutting machines, fridges and freezers as well as equipment for home entertainment, to name just a few. All these generate a lot of heat, especially when they are used around the same time of the day, and many around the clock.

In the case of modes of transport such as buses, taxis, motorbikes, trains, airplanes and cars, they not only generate heat but also pollute the environment. Vehicles are one of the main culprits contributing to global warming.

The need to house a growing population and the development of new townships and cities are fuelling global warming. Forests are cut down to clear land needed for building more homes and roads. With new homes mushrooming across the country, generally there will be in tandem with new offices, shops, factories and plants put in place to tap the available labour in these areas.

Of course more metallic or tarred roads are needed to cater to the surge in traffic. The growth in concrete jungles will only further contribute to global warming as concrete absorbs heat in the day and radiates it at dusk.

Looks like we have to bear with the increasingly hot weather for a long time.

Lau Bing

Subang Jaya


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