Problems filing tax return

11 Apr 2021 / 20:56 H.

    I HAVE a problem filing the tax return for my small business, which is registered with the SSM (Securities Commission Malaysia) as a limited liability partnership: Using the IRB (Inland Revenue Board) e-filing, we cannot find any place to enter Capital Allowances for the business (Form PT).

    I have tried to phone the IRB for the past few weeks but no one picks up the phone. I sent an online enquiry via its website and there was no reply even though I received a confirmation that said a reply would be forthcoming within seven days (Submission No.: 9GH12TVRW7CO Submitted Date: 4/03/2021 15:36:26).

    As the tax return was due on March 31, I made a trip to the Petaling Jaya branch on March 26 and met an officer at the counter. She too could not find the space to enter Capital Allowances.

    She made a few phone calls while I was there but no one seemed to know how to help me.

    Eventually, I was given the name and email address of her superior. I was told to send an email with my problem to the superior, which I did.

    There is still no reply and now my filing deadline has passed through no fault of mine. Bear in mind, I started calling the IRB in February and emailed them on March 4.

    I am a trained accountant and have filed many tax returns before. This is the first time I have encountered a problem like this.

    I have exhausted all avenues to reach out to the IRB and do not wish to waste time making another futile trip to its office. The time could be spent earning an income during these difficult times.

    Neither do I want to pay a fee to a tax agent. We are just a small business and I am a trained accountant.

    Why are the IRB services so bad?

    Can someone from IRB please reply so I can file my tax return?

    Leong Wai Kuan

    Petaling Jaya

    email blast