Rantau loss more than a warning

14 Apr 2019 / 19:35 H.

    WHY are people disregarding allegations and prosecutions against noted Barisan Nasional leaders and throwing their support behind BN?

    Pakatan Harapan needs to listen to the people. It must engage civil society and critics. Listen to opinion leaders. Create viable platforms for them to work with you.

    Next, plug the deep state operatives.

    PH leaders’ arguments that time is needed to fulfil election promises may be a fact. But in the public’s opinion, facts do not matter. Their experiences are the deciding factors.

    People are worried about PH’s leadership succession, considering the advancing age of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. And the power struggle that is brewing.

    The Rantau outcome also tells you that when push comes to pull, people will dump PH and go for BN. Why?

    When putting food on the table, paying bills without nightmares, making businesses progress with hopes of success, and knowing that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to employment opportunities – when all of these are bothering the rakyat on an escalating month to month basis these past 11 months, PH has to be humble, receptive and seek out the answers that critics, opinion leaders and civil society offer.

    The perceptions are building up fast and that which is being capitalised by BN will be even harder to dissolve and reshape with each advancing month.

    PH must invest more in communication.

    J. D. Lovrenciear


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