Reader fascinated by articles

I JUST want to give you my feedback on two articles in your paper that I found excelling anything I have read in any of the three English newspapers in Malaysia during 2020.

Both articles were written by professors of HELP university. Investigative journalism against institutional graft was written by Datuk Seri Akhbar Satar. Unfortunately I forget the name of the other writer who summarised the US elections from a November to early December perspective in a brilliant way. (The article was written by William G. Borges in the Dec 3 issue.)

I admire the intellectual prowess and the art of facilitating the complexity of issues in an attractive and exciting style by these two writers. I would appreciate it if you could pass my honest praise on to these professors at HELP university.

I was the director of the Goethe-Institut (German official cultural centre in Malaysia from 2002 to 2012).

Dr Hans Volker Wolf

Kuala Lumpur