Respect, reserve and restraint needed

14 Aug 2019 / 20:13 H.

    POLITICAL power and positions seem to have gone to the head of some politicians. Their ability to obtain political mileage with incendiary statements seems to have had an intoxicating and disruptive effect.

    The politicians in the ruling coalition seem to have forgotten that their fledgling government with just 15 months of experience is a work in progress and has a long way to go.

    Pakatan Harapan’s carefully crafted political formula for power sharing and good governance unveiled before GE14 is in the gravest danger. Every elected parliamentarian and state legislator has a responsibility to salvage it.

    Issues on education, loyalty, citizenship, commitment to a united nation, pollution and procedures for high level decision making are important but they can only be worked on, discussed and developed in an atmosphere of peace, mutual trust and understanding. Too many disruptive and sensitive issues are being aired in an alarming and precipitate manner in public when they should be raised behind closed doors. When these issues are in the public domain they are often misconstrued.

    PH parties must ensure their members maintain some discipline by showing respect, reserve and restraint especially if they passionately believe in the causes they are championing. Press statements, reactions, name calling, cynicism and attacks on compatriots may show that they are working but they hardly demonstrate their wisdom at managing the nation’s affairs.

    There is no place for triumphalism at this stage (when little has been achieved) but there is considerable scope for our leaders to embark on painstaking consultation and cooperation with a view to achieving consensus on some of the issues .

    The press and the social media can help by relegating these issues to their proper place in the overall context of safeguarding the overarching peace, harmony and political stability of Malaysia.

    Datuk M Santhananaban



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