Schalke bosses apologize for image debacle, announce big savings

01 Jul 2020 / 23:00 H.

BERLIN: Schalke bosses on Wednesday achnowledged multiple mistakes in all areas of the club and announced massive savings at the debt-ridden club.

“Today is a turning point for Schalke,” marketing chief Alexander Jobst (pix) said the day after the resignation of Clemens Toennies, chairman of the supversisory board, after 19 years on the job.

“We can’t simply carry on. Schalke’s public image has been extremely poor in the past few months. We would like to apologize for the mistakes we have made.”

On the pitch, Schalke slumped from fifth in winter to 12th by faling to win in the last 16 games.

Off the pitch, club leaders came under fire for their treatment of fans seeking ticket refunds for games then played behind closed doors, and Toennies as well for a massive coronavirus outbreak in one of his meat-packing plants.

“We, the board, are responsible and we must do our utmost to ensure that these things no longer happen. We know that we have lost a lot of trust and credibility,” Jobst said.

Jobst and sports director Jochen Schneider said that massive savings are needed at the club which 12 months ago reported debts of almost €200 million (RM962m), and more money to be lost owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re spending more than we’re bringing in as a club, so we need to start reducing our expenditure in order to ensure a secure future for the club,” Jobst said.

Schneider added: “We need to reduce the difference between our income and expenditure. We haven’t managed that in the past years... We need to take a step back in order for the club to grow again.”

The two did however not confirm that Schalke were planning a salary cap of €2.5m (RM12m) or that they were seeking a €40m (RM192m) guarantee from their home state of North Rhine-Westphalia. – dpa

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