Smoking sections will help

10 Jan 2019 / 16:57 H.

AS a smoker, I fully support the move by the Health Ministry to ban smoking at all eateries and restaurants from this year.

Families, young children, old-people, pregnant women would be affected the most if this ban was not be implemented.

As a smoker, it is important to be responsible and tolerant to others, especially the groups mentioned above.

Although it has become a norm for people to puff cigarettes at stalls, it is time for change for a better community.

Even before the non-smoking ruling at eateries, my friends and I would sit away from families, children, etc, because of concerns over the effects of second-hand smoke.

I fully support this move by the ministry and would like to suggest having designated smoking areas with bins for ash and cigarette buds in eateries.

I urge smokers to support this ban for better health. Those who want to quit, this could be a good time.

Syed Ariq Amran



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