Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka!

The cry echoes all over Malaysia.

For two years muted has been the celebration,

Tough times face our beloved nation.

Affected socio-economically is every citizen,

Subsidy schemes the burden lessen,

Adding to the pressure is political instability,

All these have shaken the community.

Buttressed Malaysia is by the Rukun Negara,

Social harmony reinforced by Rumah Terbuka,

For neighbourhood awareness there’s Rukun Tetangga,

For Covid-19 safety its kita jaga kita!

The nation mourns the Covid deceased,

All the frontliners and volunteers be praised,

For the recovered and vaxxed take care!

Because this pandemic strikes fear like a war.

Malaysia like this never experienced before,

This pandemic how long more to endure?

Countrymen all must rally to help one another

For Merdeka has brought us together!

V. Thomas