Start interfaith lessons at grassroots

13 Jun 2019 / 19:18 H.

    I LOVED the article by Joachim Ng on teaching interfaith studies in primary schools. (“Start interfaith studies in primary schools” – Connecting Faiths, June 12)

    Though we love the Muhibbah concept in Malaysia, we have to admit that race and sadly, religion, has begun to divide us more and more over the years. Teaching interfaith studies, coupled with ethics, etiquette, civil responsibility and conscientiousness will create a new generation of modern, wholesome Malaysians, regardless of race.

    I have always said that the lackadaisical work attitude here is attributed to work pride and personal improvement not being taught in school. It all starts at the grassroots level.

    Having a class, much like what many of us had in school called Civics, taught us more than we realise and helped us develop into broad-minded individuals. I remember being surprised to learn as a child that the founder of Buddhism, Siddhārtha Gautama was actually from India! I thought he would have been from China!

    Even if you take it as just general knowledge, it can only benefit our next generation. If one is strong in one’s faith, reading about others will not shake it. C’mon, have more faith in your faith!

    Nina Pasricha


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