THE article “Bike lanes to promote safety a no-brainer” is commendable.

As a frequent road user of local and federal roads, as well as highways and expressways, it is common knowledge that motorcycle riders are a menace on these roads. They not only risk their own lives, they are a potential risk to other road users.

One need not elaborate on the details here. But the risky habits and conduct of motorcycle riders, particularly the delivery riders, have added the list of risks to include beating traffic lights at junctions.

It is also a common occurrence for these riders to be often checking their mobile phones for information or destinations. While we talk about having better systems to mitigate risks and accidents, fundamentally, the riders themselves have a major responsibility: They need to strictly observe traffic rules and prohibitions.

Unless the riders themselves exercise discipline and observance to road safety rules, mere improvements to the road system will not solve the problem. A clear and strong message needs to be put across, backed with strict enforcement.

David Chua