FROM long ago, from time immemorial

The trees once stood, so majestic and tall

Flora and fauna, magnificent, large and small

In their natural and safe habitats, flourished all

The gifts of Nature, the supporters of life

In the cycle of living, together they did survive

In rivers clear, fishes did breed and thrive

The seas did enthrall, for those who dive

Then, we succumbed to AVARICE and GREED,

HUMANS having no limits to end, what we really need

HUMANS on Nature, we began to voraciously feed

Destroying, ravaging with scant care, concern or heed

The rape of Nature is there for all to see

From mountains tall, right out to the sea

And land bereft of life and greenery

Animal species being found extinct needlessly

The rape of Nature has extracted its TOLL

Our environment today is no longer whole

The ozone layer is now a big gaping hole

All because of the HUMAN lack of control

Fires burn and destroy, hillsides are eroded

Rivers overflow and vast areas are flooded

Disasters caused by HUMANS can indeed be avoided

If planning and governance are truly well ordered

Sustainable development must be seriously undertaken

Not merely for politics, lip service or just as a token

The environment, once destroyed, can be beyond reparation

It needs to be taken care of and preserved, for each successive generation

RESPONSIBLE governance is what is required

NOT actions based on what is personally desired

When HUMANS unscrupulously RAPE the ENVIRONMENT

WE will eventually destroy EVEN our places of ETERNAL internment!

May the Almighty save our Malaysia.

Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz was a former minister. Comments: