Use your signal lights

19 Nov 2020 / 02:40 H.

    PLEASE use your vehicle signal lights when changing and entering road lanes.

    I have been a victim of other drivers who calmly change lanes without signalling and have also seen drivers who just turn into lanes without any warning at all.

    These people commit these acts without any remorse or appreciation of the danger to others.

    This irresponsible behaviour must stop. Signal lights are in place in your vehicle for a reason and it is a way for you to state your intention to other road users, and not doing so will only increase the risk of an accident taking place.

    Why subject yourself and others to this kind of unnecessary danger?

    The very act of signalling can be the difference between life and death.

    I have seen accidents ranging from fender bender incidents to fatal ones which can be avoided by a timely use of the signal lights.

    Please also spare a moment to periodically check that all of your vehicle’s signal, brake and tail lights are working as owners tend to overlook these while maintaining their vehicles.

    There are countless reminders by the authorities to practise safe driving and riding, but there are still ignorant individuals who throw caution to the wind.

    Do not carry this careless act of not using your signal lights into the new year. Reflect on your actions. Appreciate life.

    There is still time to change your ways and be a safe, responsible and courteous driver.

    Yeap Ming Liong

    Subang Jaya


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