We do care for motorcyclists

13 Jan 2019 / 19:36 H.

    “KEEP motorcycles to the left” (Off the Cuff, Jan 11) refers. This may be a solution – at least a partial one to the absurd gaggle that confronts drivers of cars and lorries.

    We remind ourselves that riders of bikes don’t have the economic choice in what they use for transport. We also remind ourselves that it is a valuable person: a father, a son, a mother or a daughter that is dependent upon the drivers of cars and lorries to look out for them.

    As much as we try to look out for them, it is very difficult when motorcyclists ride in between cars, sometimes aggressively.

    Blame must be seen to be impartial with the objective of getting motorcyclists to be responsible for their own safety.

    Some of this may have been caused by the attitude shown by the authorities when a collision occurs. Irrespective of the cause, the response is always to blame the “bigger vehicle”.

    I witnessed an accident where a motorcycle entered a roundabout without stopping and crashed into a car. The car driver was fined for dangerous driving and his insurance NCB docked.

    While we try our best to avoid colliding with motorcyclists we only hope that no untoward incident happens.

    Concerned Motorist

    Kuala Lumpur


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