Whose fault is it?

21 Feb 2021 / 21:02 H.

    THE recent launch of Didik TV on MYTV, Astro and NTV7 was hailed by educators as a positive alternative for learning.

    However, there has been public outcry over the quality of the presenters involved, as seen in a video that went viral of a presentation on the first day. The presenter is clearly heard pronouncing wrongly several English words. For instance, instead of “nine months”, what was heard sounded like: niles mile.

    This is a huge embarrassment for the Education Ministry. While many are laughing at the presenter, the real fault lies with the ministry and the vendors appointed to develop the channel.

    Are the vendors professionally competent to undertake such an important task of correctly educating our children? Was the ministry lax in its appointment of the vendors? Did the vendors fail in interviewing presenters? Or perhaps selection was biased. It poses many questions.

    The truth is, our education system is failing. If the government does not take the right steps on the approach to teaching, the future of our children is bleak, to say the least. Suffice to say, what I saw did not instil confidence in me to get my child to follow this programme.

    My question to the ministry is, how serious are you in imparting correct, quality-driven knowledge to our children?

    Ibrahim Joe Carlos

    Petaling Jaya


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