NOWADAYS, teenagers are considering their future careers differently, and many are deciding against working for someone else.

A recent survey by Junior Achievement US found that over 60% of teenagers prefer to establish their own businesses than work in a regular job. One thousand teenagers aged 13 to 17 participated in the online survey from Dec 16 to 22, 2021, conducted by Wakefield Research. Two out of five participants said they got their business inspiration from celebrities and social media influencers. Another result of the survey showed that 37% of teenagers are interested in school programmes that teach entrepreneurship, and 45% are inspired to emulate successful business owners.

Many millennials are not in favour of stereotype occupations as they are monotonous. They would rather attempt to find their own niche.

According to Nielsen, 75% of millennials are regarded as eco-conscious. They favour businesses that aim to improve the world and have an impact on society. Thus, it makes sense that they want to launch their own enterprises for sustainability.

Chan Pui Pui

University Malaysia Perlis