Will Parliament end racism in its hallway?

14 Jul 2020 / 21:00 H.

    THE country is aggrieved by the raging racist exchange belted out in Parliament on its first day of sitting following the ousting of the government that was elected in 2018.

    We have to ask pertinent questions if we are committed to building a progressive, harmonious and respected nation.

    We have to demand that politicians should not be forgiven so easily for such derogatory remarks (inside or outside Parliament) - especially so when it is conclusively racist in nature or even by intent.

    We cannot go on and on tolerating elected members of Parliament who keep spilling the poisons of racism every now and again and getting away scott free.

    We need a leadership in this nation that is seriously committed to the country, woven on a multi-racial and multi-religious citizenry.

    Leadership that will set the permanent direction for harmony, progress and respect to be the building blocks of nationhood without any compromise. A repeat of such racist remarks reflects a serious lack of leadership.

    Hence it is not enough to let those blurting racist charges to get away so easily.

    Will we see yet another day whence such racist attitudes and mindset re-emerge? Or will we put a permanent roadblock from now?

    J. D. Lovrenciear

    Kuala Lumpur


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