Jordan more motivated than ever to impress ONE: A NEW ERA

14 Mar 2019 / 17:03 H.

MALAYSIAN dynamo Mohammed “Jordan Boy” Bin Mahmoud is ready for his toughest test yet at ONE: A NEW ERA in Tokyo, Japan on 31 March.

The 22-year-old striker takes on Cyprus’ two-time Muay Thai World Champion Panicos Yusuf on the organization’s debut show in “The Land Of The Rising Sun”.

Although he knows his opponent’s experience will play a pivotal role, “Jordan Boy” is confident that he will return to Malaysia with a win.

“I want to push him from the start with my punches and kicks, and capitalize on that by the end of the second round,” the Sampuri Muay Thai athlete stated.

“I do not want the fans to think that my first victory came by luck, I want to showcase that this is the real me, a Muay Thai athlete who is not afraid to outstrike his opponent. I want Malaysians to know that they have a Muay Thai athlete on an international event.”

Mahmoud feels his training camp leading up to this match has been complete, stating that it has focused on his weaknesses but also developing the strengths of his game.

“My training over the past two months has been catered to my punching and elbows,” he disclosed.

“I know my elbows are my weakness because I hardly use them. So I’ve been putting some additional touches to it. My strengths are my stamina and ability to defend, but we’ll see how it goes in Japan.”

“Jordan Boy” has studied his counterpart’s abilities and is well-aware that he cannot underestimate Yusuf’s strengths.

“His number one strength is his low kick. Just watch how he pushed Han Zi Hao in his debut. His second match was quite similar too, putting his opponent on the back foot with those painful strikes,” he bared.

“I believe he has everything [in terms of striking] and it’s an honor to share the cage with yet another world-class athlete.”

When asked how he feels this match will end, the ever-confident spitfire responed: “By knockout.”

“I’ve been training hard, and I want nothing but a knockout in Japan. That’s my only goal and ambition leading up to this fight,” he declared.

Mahmoud is in his final week of training camp and has gone a step further for his upcoming match by flying to Thailand to spar against better opposition.

“I’ll be there for slightly over a week to spar against better athletes before I leave to Japan,” he stated.

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