PETALING JAYA: MST Golf and The Golf Lab have partnered to bring science-driven golf learning programmes and club optimisation to the region through The Golf Lab Southeast Asia (SEA).

The collaboration between the region’s leading golf retailer and The Golf Lab, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, has already seen the opening of The Golf Lab SEA Performance Centre at MST Golf Arena in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, earlier this year.

The Golf Lab SEA will expand to Singapore with the opening of its second Performance Centre later this month at the new MST Golf Super Store at City Square Mall. The second Malaysian facility will then follow in July at the MST Golf Arena at Tropicana Gardens Mall in Petaling Jaya.

The Golf Lab was founded in 2009 by Canadian professional Liam Mucklow, who felt that amateur players should be able to enjoy the benefits of the high-tech training aids available on tour. Born and raised in Edmonton, Mucklow grew up in a sports-centred family and played five varsity sports in high school.

His sporting achievements carried on into university, winning medals in badminton and golf while captaining the volleyball team. In his professional career, Mucklow was one of the world’s top long drivers and also competed on various tours in North America and Asia.

The Golf Lab SEA Performance Centre at The Gardens Mall is equipped with the latest technologies including GEARS, K-Motion, GCQuad, Swing Catalyst, 3-D Motion Plate, video analysis software, Quintic Ball Roll putting analysis system and a PuttView-enabled synthetic green. These cutting-edge tools are used to create comprehensive and interactive learning and club optimization programmes for golfers of all levels.

“MST Golf is continuously looking to provide a more complete golf experience for our customers. The Golf Lab is an integral part of that whole experience,” said Ng Yap, the Chief Executive Officer of MST Golf.

“One of the missions of MST Golf is to grow the golf industry, and one of the ways to do that is to help golfers learn more effectively and efficiently. By playing better in a shorter time period, they will enjoy golf even more and that will spur them to play more and stay in the game longer.

“I am very pleased to bring the world’s best technical teaching and club-fitting facility here to serve our members and customers. Applying cutting-edge golf technology, The Golf Lab training and club optimisation programmes are unique and will get golfers to play better faster, through fun and interactive targeted learning. Basically, it is More Fun, Less Time.”

Mucklow was in Kuala Lumpur recently to conduct training for MST Golf club-fitters and coaches from all over Malaysia and Singapore, at The Golf Lab SEA Performance Centre at The Gardens Mall.

“Having lived in Korea for four years and had the opportunity to compete and train in Malaysia, it was very exciting to form a partnership with the region’s leading golf retailer and service provider. With all the relationships and market exposure that MST Golf has, we couldn’t ask for a better partner,” said Mucklow.

While Mucklow has spread The Golf Lab methodology worldwide through certified professionals, The Golf Lab SEA centres mark their first physical presences outside North America.

“Until the partnership with MST Golf, our business model was different. There was one Golf Lab and we provided information and training ... we now have over 1,500 Golf Lab-certified professionals in 17 different countries. This is the first time that we’re actually going to have actual facilities, thanks to what MST Golf brings to the table,” he said.