(Video) Jihin Radzuan, a great martial artist and cat lover

16 Apr 2019 / 14:35 H.

WHEN asked to name one thing she loves besides martial arts, ONE Championship’s Jihin “Shadow Cat” Radzuan’s (pix) answer came as no surprise.

“Cats ... I love cats,” the 20-year-old Johor Baru-based athlete shared.

“They’re adorable pets, and what’s there not to love about them? Whether they’re chasing a bug, or just annoying me, they’re lovely.”

When she’s not gracing the ONE Circle, Jihin often spends hours training at Ultimate MMA Academy, a place where she continues to fine tune her mixed martial arts skills.

Her love for the feline species is well-known. A quick browse through her social media page will show you the amount of love she has for her cats.

At home, the young martial artist houses four cats, while at the gym, she is the godmother to two cute felines named Teddy, a five-year-old Persian cat, and Okra, an almost two-year-old, Domestic Longhair cat.

Ahead of Pet Owners Independence Day on 18 April – a day for pet owners to celebrate owning a pet – Jihin shared how her cats annoy her yet remain the first thing she wants to see at the gym after a long day at work.

“They do annoy me and Melvin Yeoh [Jihin’s head coach],” she laughed, recalling at the number of times the cats caused trouble at the gym.

“Sometimes they bite the mats and play with each other in a rough manner, but that’s as far as it gets.”

“At the end of the day, Okra and Teddy are like my son and daughter. Although I’m their godmother, I often describe myself as their mum.”

Jihin, a veterinary nurse by profession, described what separates Okra from Teddy.

“Teddy is a bit of a lazy cat. He’ll just laze around the whole day. But when Okra came around, he started to be more active.”

“Okra usually goes up to Teddy and forces him to move around. Although they do not show their love for one another, they always care for each other. Sometimes when one purrs out in help, the other is quick to the rescue.”

There are times when the ONE atomweight star does not feel like training, but during those occasions – her cats often come to her ‘rescue’.

“I’m usually sleepy and not in the mood to train after work, but when they see me lazing around, they will start chasing and rubbing their fur on me until I wear my martial arts attire.”

“They’ll stop bothering me until I’m done with training. I think they know that my career as a martial artist can go a long way.”

Below are videos or Jihin and her cats:




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