A board game a day keeps boredom at bay

20 Mar 2020 / 17:06 H.

With the spread of the Covid-19 virus worrying many, a lot of Malaysians have chosen to stay indoors as much as possible. To stave off boredom, it is a good time to revisit some of the old board games with family and friends. Here are some fan favourite board games to consider:


1. Connect 4 Shots

A board game a day keeps boredom at bay

Connect 4 Shots is like the fast-paced version the classic Tic Tac Toe meet basketball. In the new Connect 4 Shots, players can now bounce balls into the grid and try to get four shots in a row. This new feature makes the game addictively fun and challenging.

2. Ticket to Ride

A board game a day keeps boredom at bay

This beautifully designed cross country train adventure game is perfect for children and the family. Players compete to collect train cards that will enable them to claim railway routes throughout North America. Obviously, the player who builds the longest and continuous track wins.

3. Candy Land

A board game a day keeps boredom at bay

Candy Land has been touted as the best game to introduce toddlers as young as 3 years old to the world of board games. It’s also suitable for children who aren’t able to read yet due to its colour matching gameplay. As young players compete to reach the castle on top of the mountain, they’ll encounter delicious locations such as Cookie Commons and the chunky Chocolate Mountain.


1. Codenames

A board game a day keeps boredom at bay

Players double as undercover spies in this game. Players are split into teams and compete to see who makes contact with all of their agents first. They can do this by correctly guessing words of their colour given by their Spymasters and avoid those that belong to the ‘enemy.’ Everyone will want to avoid the assassin too.

2. Catan

A board game a day keeps boredom at bay

This beloved board game has been a staple in many family nights. A fun, strategic game, players will have to learn how to trade and grow resources in order to expand their civilisation. The game can be made more interesting with the various expansion packs available.

3. Pandemic

A board game a day keeps boredom at bay

While playing Pandemic in this climate is ironic, it still proves to be an engaging game. Players play skilled members of a disease-fighting team and they have to collaborate to keep the world safe from epidemics and outbreaks in a limited time. Unlike most games, players win or lose together in this cooperative game.

Family or groups

1. Cluedo

A board game a day keeps boredom at bay

A classic Whodunit mystery is a perfect game if you’re staying indoors for hours. In Cluedo, players find themselves in an Agatha Christie-like murder mystery. Each player will have to conduct their own investigations and collect clues as they try to guess who’s the murderer in their midst.

2. Monopoly

A board game a day keeps boredom at bay

The game of Monopoly changes with the times. From the classic Monopoly to Monopoly for Millennials, there is a Monopoly board game for everybody. In each game, players race to snap up properties or experience points (in Monopoly for Millennials). The richest wins the game.

3. Betrayal at House on the Hill

A board game a day keeps boredom at bay

This strategic and cooperative game is reputed for its high replayability. As such, players will encounter a new story each time they play. It is advisable to play this game in a large area because the board will grow as players build more haunted rooms. The suspense and excitement ramps up when players encounter spirits and demons and must rely on each other to survive. However, the tables will turn when one of the players is revealed as the Traitor who lured everyone into the house when a Haunt roll begins.

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