A fun Father’s Day

Celebrate dad’s special day together with these fun activities that everyone can enjoy

12 Jun 2020 / 11:55 H.

An annual celebration is usually fun because everyone knows the routine but there’s no harm to change it up once in a while. This Father’s Day, why not start the celebration with some fun family activities? Here are some ideas to try together.

1. Who Knows Dad Better?

Write down a few questions regarding dad’s life such as what are his favourite activities or favourite sports team and place them all in a container. Since it’s Father’s Day, dad will be the judge and he will pick out one question to read aloud. The other family members have to scribble down their answers on the whiteboard or paper and show their answers.

2. Oh, bartender!

A fun Father’s Day

No celebration starts without drinks. On this special day, have everyone try to make dad a tasty drink or mocktail. To make it into the game, have everyone attempt making the same recipe within the time limit. The other alternative is to get a few different whiskeys or beers and arrange a family tasting session.

3. Puzzle race

Print out a few copies of the same picture of dad and have the images cut up into jigsaw pieces. Make sure each jigsaw piece is in its respective envelopes. Pass out the envelopes to everyone and have a race to see who completes the puzzle first. Let’s see if dad recognizes his own picture!

4. Be dad for a day

If dad is someone who enjoys a good laugh, this game will be a blast. The game is easy because it just requires everyone to mimic dad’s mannerisms and quips. To up the stakes, everyone should dress up as dad too. Of course, dad is the judge again and he will choose who mimics him best.

5. Write a song

A musical dad will definitely enjoy this surprise performance. Have family members help to compose a Father’s Day song especially for dad. It can be a hilarious song or a song which follows the tune of a popular song.

6. Group scavenger hunt

Another fun game is to organize a scavenger hunt which leads dad to his Father’s Day present. While the Recovery MCO may limit some places everyone can travel to, the game can be easily adapted to be held within the house or the neighbourhood.

One person in the family will have to hide dad’s gift at the last station and not let anyone know. In each stop or station, dad and a few family members as part of a team have to solve a simple riddle or puzzle before uncovering a clue to lead him to the next clue.

7. Board or card games

If planning any of these is too much for the family, the usual board or card game nights are fun too. What’s important is for the family to spend time and have fun together before everyone is off to their daily routines the next day.

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