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02 Apr 2021 / 13:59 H.

Neeta’s Herbal products and services offer a safe and natural solution to combat hair problems. As a pioneer here in Malaysia for Ayurvedic hair care, Neeta Gosalia, the founder, has been practising the use of herbal formulations for the wellbeing of healthy hair and glowing skin for the past 33 years, both locally and internationally.

While lustrous, healthy hair is a source of pride for both men and women alike, many are forced to battle an array of hair problems that are difficult to treat using the current modern-day healthcare establishments.

Natural remedies that had been used ever since humankind’s advent on earth had shown an alternative way to many problems ailing the modern world at large. Neeta, having seen the need for a sound and safe method in alleviating such problems, introduced various time tested alternate regimes.

Many of these remedies were passed on through family inheritance while others were personally acquired through years of her being in this field of service. This led to Neeta developing effective formulations to overcome difficult and persisting hair-related conditions.

Human wellness is undoubtedly related to mental health and it is an established fact that 80% 0f human afflictions are psychosomatic in nature. Research has shown that stress is a vital factor in determining hair and skin condition, an outcome of an inherent malfunction of the human body systems affected by prolonged stress.

Thus any apathy towards personal hygiene and grooming, coupled with a poor hair care regime, lifestyle and diet, contribute immensely to the loss of hair or impeded growth. It is very important to ascertain the kind of hair you have and then look after it in a manner that is specific to you as an individual.

“Dry hair, for example, would need plenty of nourishment specifically from the roots”, explains Neeta. Oily hair on the other hand requires a completely different therapy.

Hair loss falls into two categories, one where it is distributed over the whole scalp and the other where hair loss localised within certain areas of the scalp. Infection and bacteria may be another reason to be greatly concerned with, while pollutants could come from atmospheric sources and chemical agents present in cosmetics, toiletries and others.

Neeta has seen clients walking in with utter hopelessness and pessimism as a result of their ongoing struggle. However, after undergoing the herbal treatment program, many have certainly seen a huge change in their lives.

In addition, dry, brittle hair with split ends can be due to frequent perming, straightening and excessive use of the hairdryer. Pay attention to the hair root because it is the life source of the hair; it is where the essential characteristics of each individual’s hair are determined as a result of the biological processes involved in hair formation.

The root is responsible for all the natural qualities that the hair possesses, such as colour, texture, length, thickness and shine. These provide the starting point for hair care products, which are designed to bring out the best in their natural qualities.

Therefore, root nourishment is essential for healthy hair and that means strong, shiny hair. “While looking at the whole plant and its beautiful flowers, many forget the real source of health and strength is in the hidden roots,” says Neeta.

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