Alcosm 75% alcohol wipes available in Malaysia now

SEVENTY five per cent alcohol is the most optimum in disinfecting the coronavirus.

The market is saturated with numerous alcohol-based disinfection products, with some claiming potency in destroying the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19 disease).

However, Chinese infectious disease expert Li Lanjuan begs to differ.

In a Chinese broadcast media TV interview on Jan 2020, Li said that not all alcohol disinfectant is efficient in killing the virus.

“Previous reports by the National Health Commission in China states that, outside the body, the virus cannot survive if it is exposed to 56 degrees after 30 minutes.

“Disinfectants 75% ether alcohol, chlorine, peroxides etc can effectively inactivate the virus. The World Health Organisation (WHO) however has recommended for us to use disinfectant with a concentration of 75%,” said Li.

In order to make disinfectant more convenient, Singapore-based Alcosm Pte Ltd is the first Asian brand to introduce to the Malaysian market, Alcosm™ 75% alcohol concentration wet wipes.

“We believe that prevention is better than cure. As such, we are very stringent about following the well researched World Health Organisation recommendation of keeping the alcohol content to 75% in order to make sanitising effective for our consumers.

“As much as we clean or sanitise our hands, personal belongings such as handbags, handphones, keyboards, purses, steering wheels and wallets are often overlooked.

“Laboratory tests of personal belongings such as handbags and handphones have shown that they contain more germs than toilet seats. Hence, at a time when the world is experiencing a pandemic, we would like to make sanitising of hands and personal belongings more convenient by producing wipes,” said Alcosm Pte Ltd co-founder and managing director Tai Zi Kang.

Tai also said that, in making the wipes, Alcosm also took into consideration the users’ comfort and practicality.

Asian consumers, Tai believes, like the convenience of wipes. He disclosed that the company, through its distributor Zupital Holdings Sdn Bhd has sold over 20,000 packs in less than five days since the launch of its website on March 31.

In order to fulfil the demand from the Malaysian market, Alcosm Pte Ltd is distributing more than 500,000 packs of the alcohol wipes to more than 1,500 convenience stores, supermarkets and pharmacies in the country including but not limited to 7-Eleven, BIG Pharmacy, Caring, Jaya Grocer, Family Mart and Watsons.