Award-winning play Nadirah will resonate with multicultural and multiracial societies

Now available online

16 Nov 2020 / 17:14 H.

Alfian Sa’at’s award-winning play Nadirah is a human, family story about love, faith and religion, themes which will resonate in a multicultural and multiracial society like Malaysia.

As religion increasingly becomes not just a private matter of faith but a matter of public contestation, Nadirah provides a medium to reflect and see ourselves and our issues from another person’s eyes.

Viewers can now watch this important story online and help take the story of Nadirah to the world.

Plot synopsis

Nadirah is the popular Vice-President of her university’s Muslim Society. She convenes interfaith meetings where she wants to encourage students to talk openly about their faith and to respect one another’s spaces.

She’s a product of an ethnically mixed marriage. Her father is a Malay from Malaysia and her mother is a Singaporean Chinese who converted to Islam. One day, Nadirah’s mother tells her that she’s going to remarry but the man she loves is Robert, a Christian. This devastates Nadirah.

Her best friend Maznah believes that everyone has a right to their own personal happiness. However, her senior, Farouk, is outraged and urges her to do the ‘right’ thing.

How does Nadirah make peace between various religions in school when she’s having the same problems at home? Can mother and daughter worship different gods?

Director & Cast

Director: Jo Kukathas

Cast: Sharifah Amani, Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin, Farah Rani, Patrick Teoh and Neo Swee Lin

Language: English and Malay with English and Malay subtitles. Japanese subtitles also available.

Screening: This is a film of the production that was performed at Festival Tokyo in 2016.

Show details

Date: 19- 22 November 2020

Venue: Screening at Cloud Theatre (link given after ticket purchase)

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Ticket price

Award-winning play Nadirah will resonate with multicultural and multiracial societies

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Community tickets

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5% of NADIRAH ONLINE proceeds will be donated to Covid-19 efforts in Sabah, East Malaysia.

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Community outreach

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