Back in business

27 Jun 2020 / 01:43 H.

JUST last week, BTS held their Bang Bang Con: The Live concert to a roaring success with over 756,600 people tuning in worldwide on June 14. It was said the number of ARMYs who tuned in to watch from 107 different regions across the globe equalled to 15 packed stadium concerts.

Group member Jin remarked during the concert that their contract with Big Hit Entertainment was supposed to end the day before the live concert but because the group found a good agency, BTS was able to stay together and produce more music for their fans.

Once the concert ended, J-Hope told fans, “We worked hard to prepare [for this concert], so I hope that you could feel our love for the stage. Performing and sweating on stage like this, I feel happy.”

Fellow member Jimin said, “We’ve been using this time that we have to spend without you to try to grow and improve on our own. I hope that you all will also successfully overcome this difficult time by finding ways to make yourself happier so that we can meet with smiling faces [in the future].”

To fans, Jungkook said, “We performed today using the strength that we gained from the love that all of you sent from different places all over the world. I hope that this performance can be a kind of new start for us.”

For Suga, he thanked fans all over the world for watching the concert and hoped to meet fans again. V also hoped that the group can hold a concert soon because he wants to see ARMYs with his own eyes.

BTS closed the live show with their hit song Spring Day, to which RM said, “I’m sure that a spring day will return for both BTS and ARMY.”

Due to the pandemic, some fans have said that the live concert was the closest many fans will ever get to attend a live BTS concert so it was a treasured event of a lifetime.

For those who missed out on the show, here’s the setlist to recreate the vibes of the concert.


-> 1. “Dope”

-> 2. “Boyz with Fun”

-> 3. “I Like It”

-> 4. “Just One Day”

-> 5. “Jamais Vu”

-> 6. “Respect”

-> 7. “Friends”

-> 8. “UGH!” (abbreviated)

-> 9. “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)” (abbreviated)

-> 10. “Black Swan”

-> 11. “Boy With Luv”

-> 12. “Go Go”

-> 13. “Anpanman”

-> 14. “Spring Day”

Welcome back BLACKPINK

Back in business

While BTS ARMYs dearly miss their idols, BLINKs have been calling out for a BLACKPINK comeback too. Fortunately, YG Entertainment has released sets of posters hinting that a comeback is happening.

BLACKPINK’s three-part comeback will start with the release of their pre-single titled How You Like That from their first official untitled album on June 26.

This will be followed by another track drop in July or August with a special format. BLINKs still have to patiently wait until September 2020 for the full album release.

The teaser posters showed members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa in new hair colours and styles which sent the fandom abuzz online with praise and excitement for the comeback.

TV host Jimmy Fallon has confirmed on June 18 that BLACKPINK will perform their pre-release single How You Like That on his NBC late-night show on June 26 EST. BLINKs would be delighted to know that it’s

BLACKPINK’s first time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and also the show’s first time featuring a performance by a Kpop girl group!

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