Winner gets their song produced by a professional production team!

Be the next pop star in JOOX’s Be The Star 2020 campaign

Karaoke lovers should check out JOOX’s new Quick Sing feature. The Quick Sing feature is a unique karaoke function on JOOX where fans can sing and dance to their favourite songs!

Instead of singing full songs, this new feature has pre-selected each song’s chorus parts, letting users focus on the songs’ most exciting sections in their videos. JOOX users can add on their own style and creative dance moves while belting out their favourite tunes.

Several Kpop artists such as ONF, Nu’est and popular Mandopop singers Jam Hsiao and JJ Lin have participated in JOOX’s Quick Sing feature as well.

Adding to the fun and upping the challenge is the Quick Sing Battle with at least two battles with different themes each week.

The more you submit your Quick Sing Battle karaoke, the higher the chance you can win prizes. In the previous Quick Sing Battle named “Sing & Win iPhone 11,” JOOX users got a chance to win an iPhone 11.

How to use Quick Sing?

$!Be the next pop star in JOOX’s Be The Star 2020 campaign

1. Enter the JOOX app, click “SING” in the top right corner, and look for the “QuickSing” button in the middle.

2. Once you find the song you want, simply click the “Quick Sing” button.

3. JOOX users can choose to sing any part of the song by using the Select function from the chorus to different verses throughout the song.

Join “Be The Star 2020” competition

Are you ready for your big break as a music star? If you want to become a recognized singer in the real world, you can join JOOX’s “Be The Star 2020” campaign this September, a talent search competition all over Malaysia. To participate, you need to submit your Quick Sing K works.

The winner will not only receive a RM10,000 cash prize but also a song release opportunity on JOOX. The song will be produced by a professional production team under a record label too!

Stay tuned for more Quick Sing challenges such as #ToBeYoungChallenge and the #DanceMonkeyChallenge, to get your groove on with lots of fun and exciting prizes.

Join in the fun by downloading JOOX mobile or desktop app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website.