Dear horror fans, Ju-On: Origins returns for a haunt

02 Jul 2020 / 13:01 H.

There’s something behind the door... a harrowing woman in white...

As if the pandemic wasn’t already scary enough, Ju-On: Origins returns to haunt us all at home!

Yuina Kuroshima will be reprising her role as the titular character Haruka for the third time in this upcoming six-episode Ju-On series.

She shares her excitement on her involvement in the project even before filming began, “This film involves a complex story with various timelines and characters so I felt the pressure to make sure the story is told well. I also fell in love with my character, Haruka, so I couldn’t wait for filming to start!”

Ju-On: Origins will be exploring the origins of the cursed house and the horrible events linked to it. To amp the fear factor, the film is actually inspired by actual events that happened at the house. It’s best not to know where the real house is in real life.

Viewers get a glimpse of the horror waiting through a clip revealing a scene between Haruka, a young actress, and her boyfriend, Tetsuya (played by Kai Inowaki).

In the dead of the night, Haruka hears mysterious footsteps and records the sounds on a cassette tape to be sent to Odajima, a paranormal investigator.

Odajima hears these footsteps and a muffled voice of a woman on the tape and instantly becomes intrigued.

Meanwhile, Tetsuya is filled with fear and confessed to Haruka that he has visited the ‘cursed’ house before. They were soon greeted with stomping footsteps coming from the bedroom.

Tetusya braved himself and checked out the bedroom only to find nothing...

Before he could return to Haruka in the living room, a strange being walked towards him. A long-haired woman in white dress appears before him and he hears the muffled voice of a woman, the very same voice on the cassette tape.

Ju-On: Origins will be released globally on Netflix on Friday, July 3, 2020.

Dear horror fans, Ju-On: Origins returns for a haunt

Take a look at the official trailer below before tomorrow comes.

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