Decor trends for the new year

A brand new year is another opportunity to revamp the house. While trends do come and go, there are some that just remains a classic for a long time. Pick some of these trends to follow to brighten up your home!

1. The versatile Classic Blue

$!Decor trends for the new year

The Pantone Colour of the Year is the Classic Blue, which is, fortunately, a versatile and sophisticated colour.

According to interior designer Kerrie Kelly, the Classic Blue provides the “perfect amount of contrast for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and modern home styles.” A hint of Classic Blue set in contrast with white trim or woodwork makes the room look stunning.

2. Canopy bed

$!Decor trends for the new year

Forget the old canopy bed with heavy drapes and chunky headboards. The modern canopy bed is way more luxe and regal with lighter, breathable fabrics. The frames can be made with acrylic, metal or simply upholstered for a modern update.

3. Vintage accents

$!Decor trends for the new year

More and more vintage styles are making a comeback due to its timelessness. Hints of traditional detailing such as spooled legs, spindles and furnishings from the 1800s to early 1900s can be seen in editorial shoots. The key to keep it looking stylish and modern is to incorporate just one or two statement pieces.

4. Floral wallpaper

$!Decor trends for the new year

Most will think of their grandmother’s flowery wallpapers but modern interpretation introduce large scale, bold colours and metallic versions. These floral wallpapers look good in the living room, foyer and powder rooms too.

5. High-contrast decor

$!Decor trends for the new year

After a year full of neutrals and monochromes, it’s time for pops of colour. High-contrast decor comes with the leeway to use the colour black (in moderation) to decorate the home. For example, have the legs of a white armchair painted black, or use a black coffee table with light-coloured furniture around it.

6. Non-white kitchens

$!Decor trends for the new year

If you’re bored with the all-white kitchen, it’s time to experiment using other lighter colours such as beige, light browns and light greys. Go for natural shades such as wooden cabinets and shelves to keep the colour scheme bright.

7. Performance fabrics

$!Decor trends for the new year

Everyone loves spending money on something that lasts. When it comes to upholstery, performance fabrics are a must for durability and ease of cleaning. This type of fabric is perfect for families with young children and also gives off a luxurious living vibe.

8. Biophilia

$!Decor trends for the new year

As the call for sustainable living increases, biophilia emerges as a new trend in home decor and design. Biophilia is essentially a style that incorporates human design with natural elements. This can be achieved by having furniture made from recycled wood and having plants inside the home.

9. The Grandmillennial style

$!Decor trends for the new year

The Grandmillennial style takes its decor inspiration from what mainstream critics consider to be ‘stuffy’ or ‘outdated’. If done right, it provides a breath of fresh air from the typical highly curated aesthetic we often see in social media. Think of blending elements of classic design like chinoiserie, natural fibre rugs and plants with a contemporary edge.