Don’t miss these amazing movies at CineDrive

Here are some of the movie highlights

11 Sep 2020 / 13:56 H.

Looking to experience something different friends, family or significant other? Why not give a drive-in cinema a try?

From Sept 19 to 27, the CineDrive drive-in cinema will be held at Dataran Outdoor Carpark. For your viewing pleasure, here is a rundown on some of the films showing at CineDrive throughout September!

1. Detective Pikachu, Sept 19 at 9.30am

Don’t miss these amazing movies at CineDrive

Bringing our childhood Pokemon dreams to life, Detective Pikachu tells the story about a former Pokemon trainer and insurance agent Tim Goodman (played by Justice Smith) on a search for his missing father, Harry. By a stroke of luck, Tim meets a world-class detective known as Detective Pikachu and they embark on a perilous mission together.

2. Ferdinand, Sept 20 at 9.30am

Don’t miss these amazing movies at CineDrive

Based on a children’s book The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf, the story is about a gentle pacifist bull named Ferdinand who refuses to participate in bullfighting in Spain. However, he is forced back into the arena and comes face-to-face with the world’s greatest bullfighter.

3. The Greatest Showman, Sept 22 at 10pm

Don’t miss these amazing movies at CineDrive

The Greatest Showman is a fantastic musical movie and a splendid way to end the night with. The larger themes of the film are about achieving one’s biggest dreams and the importance of having support from the people close to us. In a desperate need to support his family and make a name for himself, PT Barnum (Hugh Jackman) had the vision to open a circus and does everything he can to make it happen.

4. The Matrix, Sept 23 at 10pm

Don’t miss these amazing movies at CineDrive

The iconic film starring Keanu Reeves as Neo is etched into the minds of the audience forever. It’s still enjoyable to revisit this sci-fi film on the big screen. To refresh your memories, the story revolves around computer programmer Thomas Anderson/ Neo who figured out that the world they live in is a simulated reality called the Matrix. His discovery got him drawn into a rebellion against the machines keeping them imprisoned.

5. Lego Movie 2, Sept at 9.30am

Don’t miss these amazing movies at CineDrive

Lego Movie 2 sees the lovable characters from the first film return along with some new ones. All is good in Bricksburg until Duplo aliens attacked and destroyed the town. Five years after the destruction, the town is rebuilt but is renamed Apocalypseburg. Trouble began when General Sweet mayhem kidnaps all of Emmet’s friends and takes them to the Systar System. Emmet, now all alone, needs to figure out a way to save everybody.

6. Alita: Battle Angel, Sept 26 at 10pm

Don’t miss these amazing movies at CineDrive

Alita: Battle Angel tells the story of a female cyborg who awakens in a new body with no memory of her past. The doctor who saved her named her Alita and treats her like his daughter. Despite the doctor’s best efforts to keep her safe, Alita uncovers her past bit by bit the more she tries to carve a life for herself.

7. Spiderman Into the Spiderverse, Sept 27 at 6pm

Don’t miss these amazing movies at CineDrive

In his dying moment, Peter Parker hands teenager Miles Morales a device that could save the city. This act inadvertently make Miles Morales the new Spider-Man and he is not ready at all. With help from the different Spider-Men and Spider-Woman from alternate universes, Miles must face his fears and quickly learn how to put his newfound abilities to good use.

8. The Conjuring, 27 September 10pm

Don’t miss these amazing movies at CineDrive

Sometimes, a little bit of horror is needed to keep life exciting. The Conjuring has both scared and entertained people because it’s based on a real-life case attended by actual demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. In 1971, the Perron family experienced disturbing paranormal events in their Rhode Island farmhouse. Having enough of the constant horrors, they called the Warrens for help and exorcise the dark presence in their home.

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