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Samsung’s first QLED 8K TVs – its biggest models yet – have arrived on our shores

13 May 2019 / 18:48 H.

SAMSUNG MALAYSIA electronics recently showcased its expansive (and expensive) 98in QLED 8K TV alongside its 2019 TV line-up.

The launch event in Kuala Lumpur, which was attended by Samsung Malaysia Electronics’ Consumer Electronics head Jimmy Tan, Consumer Electronics & Audio Visual Divisions business director Sung Hwan Joo and Audio Visual Division head Vincent Lee, also highlighted the company’s new Quantum Processor technology.

Samsung is no amateur when it comes to television. It has led the global TV market for the past 13 years.

So why did it launch an ultra large QLED TV with 8K resolution, when the size seems excessive, and there is a lack of content?

The answer, according to Samsung, is its Quantum Processor technology. It uses AI to learn and compare millions of images to formulate the best way to upscale a lower resolution source to 8K without losing image quality, detail and contrast.

It doesn’t matter if the source is a 720p YouTube video, a 1080p console video game, or a 4K streaming video: the results are impressive.

Based on trends, Samsung is confident that consumers will want bigger TVs to fully enjoy the higher resolution.

This was something that the company observed with the introduction of 4K. The higher the TV resolution, the higher the demand for bigger screens.

The Samsung QLED TV line-up this year includes 8K and 4K TVs.

The 8K Q900R TVs range from a 65in to the 98in, while the 4K models – the Q90R, Q75R, and Q60R – range from 49in to 82in.

In addition to the 2019 TVs, Samsung now has a total of 20 QLED TV models.

All Samsung QLED TVs feature HDR10+, a video format standard that makes bright scenes brighter and dark scenes darker.

In addition, the Q900R, Q90R and Q75R models, also come with Direct Full Array technology.

When combined with Direct Full Array’s capability to selectively darken and brighten areas on the TV, the result is a detail-rich picture that is better than any other TV or cinema screen.

To make full use of these new large screens in your home, Samsung introduced the Magic Screen feature.

Seen previously in last year’s Samsung TVs, this low power mode lets the TV blend into the wall by mimicking its texture on screen.

Additonal special effects can be added on top of the wall texture, including animation.

Prices for the Q60R 4K Smart QLED TV start at RM4,999 for the 49in and go up to RM19,999 for the 82in. The Q75R 4K Smart QLED TV starts at RM7,999 for the 55in and goes up to RM19,999 for the 75in.

On the higher end, the Q90R 4K Smart QLED TV starts at RM18,999 for the 65in, running up to RM29,999 for the 75in.

Finally, the Q900R 8K Smart QLED TV starts at the eyebrow-raising price of RM59,999 for the 75in, right up to the eye-popping RM299,999 for the 98in.

For more, visit Samsung Malaysia Electronics website and Facebook page.

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