Forever in style

21 Feb 2020 / 14:53 H.

It can be tempting to follow all the home decor trends out there, but the key to a beautiful home has never changed. The key is to go for a timeless design, and it will pay off in the long run.

Here are some home decor ideas that have proven their worth over the years:

1. Good lighting

Forever in style

Just because the house is well lit, it doesn’t mean your work is done. Good lighting can do wonders to create the right ambience in your home. Warm bulbs should be used in areas of rest such as the bedroom and living room. On the other hand, cooler white bulbs offer brighter lighting in areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and the study.

2. Artwork

Forever in style

Artwork has always been a timeless decor item. The trick is not to over-decorate the house with pieces that you don’t actually love. You don’t even need to drop large amounts of money on them either. Look for local pieces, frame up your travel photos or even display the artwork done by your kids.

3. Plants

Forever in style

Real plants are always more favourable than fake plants. To keep things easier, look for shade-tolerant plants which do not need much sunlight and water. Some of the beautiful shade-tolerant plants are ficus lyrata, peperomia and fittonia. You can even ‘cheat’ by putting smaller plants in self-watering pots!

4. Wabi-sabi

Forever in style

What puts people off when it comes to decorating their space is usually the aim of perfection. In this case, practising wabi-sabi is the answer to your prayers. The philosophy in wabi-sabi is to embrace imperfections or to see the beauty in imperfection. A house is meant to be lived in so don’t sweat it if your house doesn’t look like the pictures in home decor magazines.

5. Wooden furnishings

Forever in style

Wooden furnishings have been proving their timelessness for years. The versatility of wooden furnishings makes it convenient to decorate the home because they look good anywhere. You can stick to different shades of brown, or even paint them up.

6. Go for a simple design

Forever in style

A simple design is still the best option if all else fails. You don’t need to buy clunky pieces if they don’t suit the space available. A simple design will also make cleaning the house a breeze.

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