GSC and Aurum Theatre reopen today

01 Jul 2020 / 13:42 H.

Moviegoers who have missed going to the cinemas can rejoice! Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) and Aurum Theatre is finally opening starting today (1 July 2020) after a three-month hiatus.

Of course, cinemagoers and movie buffs will have to follow strict safety and hygiene protocols before they can watch their highly awaited shows.

GSC and Aurum Theatre reopen today

Here are some of the steps customers will have to follow to ensure everyone is safe:

1. Buy tickets and combos online

Cinemagoers are encouraged to purchase movie tickets and concessions online to reduce queue lines, limit physical contact and observe social distancing measures. To purchase tickets and concessions online, cinemagoers can use the GSC Mobile App (available on Android and iOS) or visit GSC’s website Buying tickets and concessions online also allows customers to go cashless with various payment methods available.

2. Digital declaration forms for contact tracing

Cinemagoers are required to scan a QR code at the entrance and complete a digital declaration form. In the absence of smartphones, cinemagoers may fill out a log book manually. This will enable the collection of personal data for contact tracing purposes and is managed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

3. Temperature checks

After filling the form, cinemagoers will have their temperatures checked. Guests with temperatures 37.5 degree Celcius and above will not be allowed into the cinema and will be reimbursed accordingly if they have purchased a ticket online prior. In accordance with the official standard operating procedures (SOPs) by the National Security Council (NSC or Majlis Keselamatan Negara, MKN), patrons aged 12 and below or those above age 60 will also not be allowed admittance into the cinema halls.

4. Collect, scan and enjoy the movie

Food combos purchased online can be collected at the concession counters. Cinemagoers can then scan their ticket’s QR code at the auto-gates. If the auto-gate facility is unavailable, cinemagoers can just show the steward the ticket for admission. Customers are advised to sit according to their seat numbers in the hall.

GSC and Aurum Theatre reopen today

GSC is excited to welcome moviegoers back to the cinemas and have taken all the necessary steps to ensure everyone’s safety. These are the enhanced cleaning and safety measures implemented for everyone’s peace of mind.

1. Regular cleaning

GSC and Aurum Theatre reopen today

Prior to opening, both GSC and Aurum Theatres have undergone a thorough cleaning including all of its spaces, halls, restrooms, e-kiosks, countertops, door handles, handrails, lift buttons and escalators. Sanitisation will be frequently carried out even after reopening. Seats will also be disinfected and wiped down after every show.

2. Social distancing and crowd control

GSC and Aurum Theatre reopen today

Queue markers have been placed throughout GSC and Aurum seats to maintain a 1-metre social distance from others. This will be placed at Box Office ticketing counters, e-kiosks, and concessions counters, leading up to the halls. Adjoining facilities such as sinks, urinals, and e-kiosks will also be closed during this time to enable the 1-metre social distancing requirement.

Crowd control will also be implemented in common areas to prevent over-crowding, as well as to ensure that customers are able to adhere to the queue markers.

GSC and Aurum Theatre reopen today

Furthermore, cinema halls will implement gap seating with audiences seated one chair apart from others on the left and right, as well as front and back. This is also extended to social spaces including cafés, restaurants, and Jin Gastrobar, with diners seated at least one table or seat away from the next patron.

3. Best practices for employee health

Employees will also undergo temperature checks before they begin their shifts. Wearing of face mask is enforced to ensure both employees and customers are protected. While guests aren’t required to wear a mask, they are recommended to don one.

4. Access to alcohol rubs and sanitisers

Hand sanitisers will be placed throughout the cinema for customers to use. These hand sanitisers can be found in common areas such as Box Office ticketing counters, concessions and checkpoints.

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