Jom Raya at Starbucks!

23 May 2019 / 13:30 H.

SOON, our Muslim brothers and sisters will be celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri and once again it will be a time of festivity where many take time off to journey back to their hometowns to celebrate with family and friends.

At Starbucks, doors open throughout the festive season, welcoming one and all to savour its specials and favourites. From coffee and other beverages to popular western desserts with a Malaysian twist - Starbucks offers a wide range of savoury and sweet delights to make merrier the festive occasion.

In conjunction with Hari Raya, here are a few new festive food offerings - Green Velvet Nangka Cake, Gula Melaka Donut, Bandung Eclair, and the returning favourite Ondeh-Ondeh Muffin.

Irresistible and definitely not to be missed is the Green Velvet Nangka Cake. More than just a tweak to the regular Red Velvet, this delicious confectionery creation delivers pandan flavour with bits of nangka (jackfruit) and cheese mousse. Sit back and delight in every bite over Starbucks signature Pike Place Roast bean or Kenya bean coffees and appreciate the perfect harmony of bitter-sweet bliss.

Also new is the Gula Melaka Donut. Unlike the regular ring-shaped doughnut, this Starbucks’ Hari Raya version is quite literally a star. Inspired by Gula Melaka, otherwise known as palm sugar, and topped with roasted Hawaiian coconut shavings - and you have yourself the perfect union of a sweet treat. Enjoy it as afters with Starbucks signature Pike Place Roast bean coffee or Starbucks Ice Shaken Passion Tea and you’ll understand the meaning of seventh heaven.

Starbucks Banding Eclair is another “new kid on the block”. The classic French pastry is given a local twist and offers a soft custard filling enveloped in pastry that is submerged in rose cordial syrup, fondly known by Malaysians as Sirap Bandung. Sweet gets sweeter as this eclair comes topped with pink chocolate and pink chocolate drizzle. Indulge in this over Starbucks Veranda Blend or Starbucks Americano and let the combination melt on your palate. Indeed, it’s a taste like no other.

A popular favourite which makes its return is Starbucks Ondeh-Ondeh Muffin. East meets west in this dessert that is inspired by the traditional local “kuih”. Enjoy the concoction that offers pandan and coconut flavours, complemented with rich Guka Melaka (palm sugar sauce) and hints of coconut bits. Have it with hot coffee or tea or place a takeout as buah tangan for your festive open house visits; both hosts and guests can indulge in this unique and delectable dessert.

As a final offering from Starbucks this festive occasion, check out the recently unveiled Aidilfitri Starbucks Card 2019. This year’s card features designs that are influenced by the decorative Islamic geometric artform seen as an interlaced strapwork of unending continuous patterns, with lines of golden brown bearing purity and peace. Collect it or gift it as Duit Raya at just a minimum cash value of RM50 each.

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