Making small spaces look bigger | BUZZ

Decobuzz: Here are some tips and tricks you can use to add a unique look and character to your home

05 Oct 2019 / 10:03 H.

DECORATING a small space may seem tricky but it is not impossible. The trick is to make small spaces look bigger by using a bit of creativity and ingenuity. With some rearrangement and thought, you can add a unique look and character to your home. Here’s how you can use decor to your advantage.

1. Let light in

Letting natural light stream into the house can make the area look spacious. Natural lighting works by brightening up the place and makes the room feel airy. This gives the illusion of openness. If you don’t have a large window, opt for lighter coloured curtains or shades to maximise the amount of light coming in.

Making small spaces look bigger | BUZZ

2. Use light colours

The easiest way to open up a narrow space is to have light walls such as white. With white walls, you get to decorate the wall with large artworks without feeling the walls closing in. A nice artwork also livens up the bare walls at home and can work as a focal point of the room.

Making small spaces look bigger | BUZZ

3. Create depth with mirrors

Trick the eye into thinking the room is spacious by using mirrors. Mirrors, when placed strategically, can help create visual space and a sense of depth like windows and make small spaces feel wider. An artwork showing ocean waves can mimic the same results too.

Making small spaces look bigger | BUZZ

4. Think about furniture size

With a small space, your furniture can’t get too big or it’ll feel cluttered and it’s hard to navigate around your house. Other than choosing your furniture wisely, you might even have to think creatively for substitutes. For example, your coffee table may be just two small tables instead of a long coffee table.

Making small spaces look bigger | BUZZ

5. Have multipurpose areas or furniture

Sometimes you don’t need two separate but similar furniture. The table or kitchen bar you have right now could be used as a work desk and for dining. This way you’re already consolidating space in a small area. The same goes for rooms. Your living room can also double as a home office.

Making small spaces look bigger | BUZZ

6. Be creative with storage

Working with a small space means you have to get crafty with your storage options too. Look for benches with built-in storage for the living room or mirror cabinets for the bathroom. These multipurpose storage systems save space and keep things looking neat.

Making small spaces look bigger | BUZZ

7. Remember to let pieces breathe

A tightly arranged corner just screams “No more space!” Try to make sure there are spaces in-between furniture. This is also the time when you discover you actually don’t need underutilized furniture such as a side table. There’s only one solution for that and that is to give it away.

Making small spaces look bigger | BUZZ

8. Keep decor cohesive

It can get overwhelming in a small space if the decor looks too busy. Stick to a simple colour palette with a few key pieces. The aim is to be comfortable, and to not drown in clutter.

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$!Making small spaces look bigger | BUZZ

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