Maldives beckons

Everyone can travel to this island paradise for some sun, sea, sand and excellent food

26 Nov 2019 / 00:10 H.

Holidaying in the Maldives looks expensive with its pristine beaches and clear, blue sea.

The truth is, everyone can travel to Maldives and enjoy some luxuries even with a budget.

You just need to know what to look for just like planning for any other trips!

Maldives has something for everyone!

Maldives beckons

What’s unique about the resorts in Maldives is that each resort takes over a whole island. The water and beach bungalows dotting the whole island provides much privacy and needed quietness to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

Staying in the luxury resorts here is magical and will make one feel like a king thanks to its butler services and top notch facilities too.

Some of these bungalows come with its own private swimming pool, a slide into the sea or a hammock bed over the waves. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to stay in a bungalow with an open roof top so you can stargaze.

Travelling on a budget

Maldives beckons

So, the question still stands: is it possible to travel there on a budget? Definitely!

No matter where you stay, you’ll wake up to stunning views of the island. Other than luxury resorts, there are other lodgings available such as hotels, guesthouses and liveaboards in which you stay in a yacht or a cruise.

The budget friendly option is to stay in the guesthouses. These guesthouses can rival luxury resorts because they are often decorated into a luxurious escape with beautifully landscaped swimming pools.

Staying in a guesthouse helps you save some money while you get to live like a local, eat the food they eat and enjoy the local sights.

The money you saved can be used to do other exciting activities such as island hopping, trying out local street food and getting souvenirs. Some of the guesthouses also organize island hopping, snorkelling and scuba diving trips.

The only cons is that you may not get to jump directly into the blue sea but the beaches are within walking distance anyway.

Start your trip right

Maldives beckons

To get the best out of your stay, it’s best to spend at least three nights in Maldives. This way you can properly enjoy and immerse yourself in the ultimate holiday experience.

Taking a speedboat or a ferry to the guesthouse is a budget friendly option as compared to a seaplane.

The trick is to book a guesthouse that’s near to the airport. Guesthouses that are about 30 to 150 km from the airport is best reached via a seaplane but it can be costly..

Truly a foodie heaven

Maldives beckons

Since Maldives is an Islamic country, the food is all halal so Muslim visitors can eat to their heart’s content without worries. Unsurprisingly, Maldivians eat a lot of seafood due to its proximity to the sea.

True foodies will be in heaven because it’s unlike the usual Continental food. Traditional Maldivian food is based on three main ingredients: coconut, fish, starches containing grains and vegetables such as sweet potato, breadfruit, screwpine, cassava and taro.

The food is tangy, having a mild spice and sweetness to it. Among the Maldivian cuisines to try is the mas huni (a Maldivian breakfast paired with roshi flatbread and sweetened hot tea), bajiyaa (pastry with tuna stuffing) and gulha fishballs encased in dough made with grated coconut, tuna, onion and chilli).

Visitors should also try kulhi boakibaa (a rice dish) and rihaakuru (concentrated tuna paste spread on warm roshi aka chapati).

Enjoy stunning attractions

Maldives beckons

Maldives has its own magic in the wide, open sea. Here, visitors can witness the Maldives’ marine Big 5 sea creatures such as the spinner dolphins, manta and eagle rays, sea turtles and whale sharks. It’s a sight to see spinner dolphins leaping out of the water along your boat!

Maldives is also a shark sanctuary and as such, visitors get an invitation to the world of the gentle and misunderstood creatures.

The lagoons are also shark nurseries where visitors get to spot the harmless grey tips and lemon sharks. Those with courage can take night dive to see hammerhead sharks and grey reef sharks.

Water sports are not to be missed here too. From paddle boarding on crystal clear waters to parasailing above the atolls, you won’t run out of things to do and see.

Grab the opportunity of a lifetime to snorkel alongside the magnificent manta rays and sea turtles when you’re here. Visitors can enjoy a luxury experience by taking a day trip to visit any of the 5-star resorts too.

To get to Maldives and enjoy greater savings, just head over to and look for the Maldives Holiday Packages. With prices starting from RM1,200 (T&C applies), the all-inclusive flight and hotel booking will have you living the vacation you’ve dreamed about!

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