More new shows to watch this Spring

19 Feb 2021 / 13:08 H.

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Journey of Long | Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615HD/ 635)

More new shows to watch this Spring

Perfect for children during the Chinese New Year week, the Journey of Long tells the story of an adorable dragon from the countryside who dreams of becoming a chef in the big city.

Long the dragon makes his way to Chow’s Restaurant where he’s determined to be the best chef ever.

However, he has a lot to learn if he wants to live up to his idol, the legendary Chef Khan. Also, he has a new rival named Kraken, the Giant Squid Head Chef of Chow’s Restaurant, who can make 10 dishes at once thanks to his tentacles.

Unpregnant | HBO Go and HBO (Astro Ch 411 HD)

More new shows to watch this Spring

Unpregnant offers a film with a mix of humour as it tackles complicated friendships and the difficult road to adulthood. Veronica (played by Haley Lu Richards) never thought she’d ever want to fail a test until her pregnancy test comes back positive.

With a promising college-bound future now disappearing before her very eyes, Veronica considers a decision she never imaged she would have to make. Her decision leads her and her ex-best friend Bailey (played by Barbie Ferreira) on a 1000-mile hilarious road trip to New Mexico.

SAS: Who Dares Win | FOX (Astro 704 (HD)), Unifi TV Ch 453 (HD)

Premiered on February 1, 2021 and every Monday to Friday at 10.40pm

More new shows to watch this Spring

Five ex-Special Forces soldiers recreate the gruelling Special Air Service (SAS) training in this reality quasi-military training programme.

Thirty recruits will go through a two-week-long training course in hostile and unforgiving environments while being pushed to their mental and physical abilities in a series of tests.

Monsterland | FX (Astro 713 (HD)), Unifi TV Ch 454 (HD)

Premiered on February 17, 2021 and every Wednesday at 10pm

More new shows to watch this Spring

Based on Nathan Ballingrud’s novel North American Lake Monsters: Stories, the series is a provocative anthology examining the monsters within and among us.

The anthology told in eight different stories explore the dark and conflicting realities that can exist inside one person whether they’re dealing with loss, regret, guilt or loneliness.

Find out more about each episode of Monsterland HERE

River Where the Moon Rises

Premiered on Viu on February 15, 2021

More new shows to watch this Spring

A Viu Original, the highly anticipated Korean period romance drama series titled River Where the Moon Rises premieres is an adaptation of a Korean folktale recorded in The History of the Three Kingdoms.

The story follows Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun) who was raised as a soldier after her mother, the Empress, and General On Hyeop was assassinated during a tour of the kingdom.

The Princess and the general’s son On Dal (Ji Soo) set out on a quest to uncover the dark and dangerous conspiracies in the kingdom.

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