NIVEA LUMINOUS630: BREAKTHROUGH innovation of the century

NIVEA unveils LUMINOUS630 SPOTCLEAR Booster Serum to clear 10 years of deep dark spots in four weeks, without harming skin

14 Nov 2019 / 22:41 H.

WELL over 100 years ago since its founding, the German personal care brand has been consistently developing highly effective products that work in harmony with the skin’s own functions, meaning that your skin gets exactly what it needs, leaving out unnecessary, overly-chemical ingredients.

The innovation expert

Fast forward to 2019, NIVEA still fervently dedicates itself to the wellbeing and health of our skin, with an extensive range of NIVEA products that has grown considerably over the decades, each new product no less innovative than the last.

NIVEA is especially adept at addressing Asian skin concerns, as we Asians are more prone to dark spots.

With this in mind, NIVEA recently unveiled its latest addition to the LUMINOUS630 SPOTCLEAR range developed specifically for Asian skin, fresh from the NIVEA skin research centre at Beiersdorf in Hamburg, Germany.

11 years in the making

It took 11 years of rigorous research and screening of more than 50,000 compounds for the discovery and finalisation of the breakthrough LUMINOUS630.

The discovery of LUMINOUS630 is not the end of the story: at NIVEA it is not only important that innovations are working, but even more that they are safe for the skin. This is why an intensive testing procedures followed the ingredient’s discovery.

Published in world’s renowned medical journal

Different from other products in the market, LUMINOUS630 is fully tested on human tyrosinase, rather than the typical mushroom tyrosinase which allows for accurate testing of dark spots caused by the sun.

This breakthrough innovation of the world’s first human tyrosinase replica and the effective ingredient, LUMINOUS630 was published in one of the world’s renowned medical journals, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2018.

Breakthrough innovation

Endorsed by the Institute of Dermatology, the all-new NIVEA LUMINOUS630 SPOTCLEAR Booster Serum combines two power-charged formulas with potent active ingredients, encapsulated in the ingenious double chamber design of the bottle to preserve the freshness of the active ingredients, which are directly activated when the two formulas are blended on the skin.

One side of the chamber contains the patented LUMINOUS630 which targets the root cause to clear deeply rooted dark spots, without harming the skin, while the other chamber contains Hyaluron & Vitamin E to moisturise and enhance deeper penetration of the powerful LUMINOUS630 to the skin.

Tested & proven

To further prove the efficacy of the serum, a test was done on Asian women and the results far exceeded expectations.

In just four weeks, dark spots are visibility lightened, and in eight weeks, 10 years of deep rooted dark spots are visibly reduced, leaving skin spotless and luminous that glows naturally from within.

High efficacy in clearing dark spots

To prevent skin from developing dark spots caused by the sun, after applying NIVEA LUMINOUS630 SPOTCLEAR Booster Serum during the day, it is highly recommended to apply NIVEA LUMINOUS630 SPOTCLEAR Spot Protect Oil Control Moisturiser SPF50 PA+++ to protect skin from sun induced skin pigmentation & prevent the formation of new ones. At night, apply LUMINOUS630 SPOTCLEAR Booster Serum for best results.

New gold standard

At NIVEA, LUMINOUS630 SPOTCLEAR will become the new gold standard to clear dark spots and pigmentation, to allow women around the world to live life with confidence, adhering to NIVEA’s idealogy of long-term healthy and luminous skin for all.

$!NIVEA LUMINOUS630 SPOTCLEAR Booster Serum has been tested and proven effective by 200 Asian women.
NIVEA LUMINOUS630 SPOTCLEAR Booster Serum has been tested and proven effective by 200 Asian women.

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