No notches or punch holes in the Galaxy A80

10 Apr 2019 / 20:40 H.

BANGKOK: Samsung unveiled the latest addition to its Galaxy A series of smartphones in the Thai capital this evening. The line, which is aimed at the young and trendy, now includes the A10, A20, A30, A40, A50, A70, and A80.

No notches or punch holes in the Galaxy A80

All the phones in the new lineup focus on five key points: a high-quality camera, undisrupted display, large battery with fast charging, the Galaxy ecosystem, and security.

In a briefing session with the media prior to the official launch, Samsung showcased the Galaxy A80 which features a motorised dynamic triple camera.

Designed with live streamers and social network denizens in mind, the A80’s rear camera – consisting of an ultra-wide-angle lens, 48MP lens, and 3D depth camera lens – can rise up, and flip around to function as a front-facing camera.

No notches or punch holes in the Galaxy A80

With the ability to rotate its rear cameras around, the A80 affords itself a display without notches or punch holes.

All that, coupled with an undisrupted 6.7in Super Amoled FHD+ display, is unlike anything we have seen on a Samsung Galaxy device before it.

Taking a closer look at the A80, we noticed that Samsung also made some weird design choices with the A80. There is no 3.5mm audio point, its 128GB storage is not expandable, and there is only a mono speaker aboard the device, which would have been perfect for viewing videos on.

No notches or punch holes in the Galaxy A80

To make up for it, Samsung includes 8GB of RAM, a fast-charging 3,700mAh battery, the latest 7 series Qualcomm processor, an onscreen optical fingerprint sensor, and three gorgeous colour options: ghost white, phantom black, and angel gold.

The Malaysian version of the Samsung Galaxy A80 will also support NFC and Samsung Pay, and is set to launch sometime in late May or early July this year.

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