TIME is what you make of it, and Swatch wants the world to start 2022 with a clear mind. After all, the New Year is a perfect time to let go of anything holding us back, to cut out the noise, tune out any distractions, wipe the slate clean, get clear on what the future holds and, of course, for new year’s resolutions!

Swatch is no stranger to the transparent trend. It’s an instantly recognisable and iconic look that Swatch first launched with its Gent model back in 1985. This year, Swatch is bringing back the clear look in a big way, with the CLEAR Collection.

The collection goes back to basics with a minimalist palette offset by the signature splash of primary-coloured hands. Swatch believes that there’s also power in acting responsibly with several CLEAR styles made from bio-sourced materials.


Gain clarity with the CLEARLY BOLD line. Measuring Ø 47mm, the BIG BOLD transparent case houses a clear dial with silver-coloured ring, black printed indexes and coloured hands. This is a bold take on the transparent trend, with the transparent back representing the desire to embrace clarity moving into the new year.

$!The CLEARLY BIG BOLD with SwatchPAY!

For those looking to make contactless payments even easier, there’s the CLEARLY BIG BOLD with the SwatchPAY! feature complete with a hidden Near Field Communication chip that works similarly to bank cards. This particular model is available in selected countries.

$!The CLEARLY GENT in Ø 34mm.

CLEARLY GENT and CLEARLY NEW GENT are clear on responsibility with the glass and cases (Ø 34mm and Ø 41mm) made from bio-sourced material. The shiny finish on the case, bracelet and buckle catch the light and the eye for such a see-through design.


In addition to these two transparent models, there are also variations offering a pop of colour in the form of a stripe on the transparent back, for those looking to stand out from the crowd. The CLEARLY GENT offers variations with a red or yellow stripe, while the CLEARLY NEW GENT has variations with a blue or black stripe.


CLEARLY SKIN is the thinnest Swatch line and delivers a barely-there feel. It comes with a clear dial and a yellow printed Swatch logo on the glass. The Ø 34mm case is made from bio-sourced materials and almost becomes one with the wrist. Clear or not; it’s your choice.

The collection is currently available both online and in Swatch stores, with prices ranging from RM320 to RM510. For more information, visit www.swatch.com.