Onwards to eSports fame and glory

21 Mar 2019 / 21:39 H.

ESPORTS fever comes to eCurve starting this weekend (March 23-24) with PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) and next weekend (March 30-31) with Mobile Legends.

The first half of the eSports tournament will see players at the multiplayer online battle arena, pitting their abilities to annihilate the enemy and gain resources to survive, in a rapid race against time.

The second half will see players use skills and wit to attack the enemy base, while actively defending their own.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the live action, up close and personal at eCurve’s Centre Atrium!

The games will be broadcast live on a giant LED screen, complete with commentary, including live broadcasts on eCurve’s Facebook page as well as on Geek Fam, Geek Arena, GeekTV, Geek Fam PUBG and Geek Fam MLBB respective Facebook pages.

Onwards to eSports fame and glory

Contestants for PUBG will fight for gold and glory this weekend while qualifying tournaments for Mobile Legends will be held from March 25 to 29, culminating in the final battle for the ultimate championship on March 30 and 31.

Exciting cash prizes await the winning PUBG teams with the first-place champion taking home a cash prize of RM2,400 while second and third runner-ups will receive RM1,200 and RM600, respectively.

Fourth- to sixth-place winners will be rewarded with cash prizes of RM400, RM250 and RM150, respectively.

Mobile Legends champions will share a total cash prize of RM10,000, with daily wins of RM200 up for grabs during the qualifying rounds.

The first-place winners at the finale will take home RM3,500, second and third runner-ups with RM2,000 and RM1,500 respectively, fourth-place winners RM1,000, and fifth- and sixth-place winners with RM600 and RM400 respectively.

For more, call 03-7725 0277 or visit the eCurve website, or Facebook and Instagram pages.

$!Onwards to eSports fame and glory

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