Petronas celebrates ‘togetherness’

30 Dec 2019 / 17:17 H.

THE New Year or rather the beginning of a new decade is around the corner!

Petronas is welcoming the year 2020 with the launch of a webfilm titled “The Perfect Wedding”.

A wedding cake was cut during the launch of the webfilm at Mamasan restaurant in Suria KLCC on Dec 27.

“The Perfect Wedding” centres around a wedding ceremony where an unexpected turn of events catches everyone off-guard and chaos ensues.

In the webfilm, the audience are misled into believing that the two characters Soraya and Kumar are set to marry. The surprising part is that the real bride and groom are an older couple. Meanwhile, the rain and strong wind ruin the “perfect” wedding.

But, why choose a wedding to celebrate the upcoming New Year?

“We are our own ‘Anugerah’ (blessings). Each of us is our own blessings. We chose a wedding because everything has to be perfect at a wedding, even though it is not perfect (at the end). It is about appreciating the things, we already have,” said director Ismail Kamarul.

“A wedding must always be perfect and the best that it can be. The pressure is something I wanted to showcase through the webfilm. At the end of the day, even though you want a perfect wedding, things might not go the way you want. It may go awfully wrong,” he added.

Ismail said the message for Malaysians is that – “No matter what the problems we face, we should always stick together through thick and thin.”

Petronas’ Group Strategic Communications’ senior general manager Zaharah (Liza) Abdul Rahman said: “The webfilm is truly a reflection of us, as Malaysians.”

“As a responsible organisation, we wish to remind people that blessings are aplenty and to be grateful for the ‘Anugerah’ or blessings bestowed upon us, in the form of love and appreciation of our family and friends.

“We hope that through this and the rest of the ‘Anugerah Kita’ web films. We are able to share our love story for Malaysia as well as celebrate our biggest ‘Anugerah’ yet - each other,” said Zaharah.

“The Perfect Wedding is the seventh Petronas webfilm for 2019, after “Heart” for Chinese New Year, “Kinoulian” for Kaamatan, “Baju Burung Apai” for Gawai, “Rendang SoRaya” for Hari Raya, UNI for National and Malaysia Day and “Thanggam” for Deepavali.

The webfilm is available for viewing on Petronas’ official YouTube channel.

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