Protect yourself and support “Making Flu Prevention My New Normal” campaign

09 Sep 2020 / 16:46 H.

The “Making Flu Prevention My New Normal” campaign by Immunise4Life calls for Malaysians to protect themselves and support flu prevention by taking steps to prevent from the flu.

“We often underestimate how severe the flu can be. Many people brush it off as something trivial but a person infected by the flu can suffer from pneumonia, multi-organ failure and even die from complications,” explained Professor Datuk Dr Zulkifli Ismail, Technical Committee Chairman of the Immunise4Life (IFL) programme.

“This is why prevention is very important. These steps must become part of our new normal: wash your hands with soap and water regularly, avoid touching your face, mouth and nose, avoid people who are coughing or sneezing and most importantly, get vaccinated against the flu every year.”

Dr Zulkifli also urges Malaysians to support the cause and take action by visiting the campaign website. At, Malaysians can show support for the cause by clicking on the button ‘Say YES to flu prevention.’

The special online show premiering on Thursday, 10 September at 9pm aims to bring more Malaysians together in an effort to raise awareness of flu as a serious disease that can have severe consequences.

Protect yourself and support “Making Flu Prevention My New Normal” campaign

Malaysian celebrities like Jaclyn Victor, De Fam and Talitha are showing their support for the cause by lending their voices to the online show.

Hosted by popular Tamil host and singer MK or Muthu Kumara and emcee Jeremy Teo, the online show features a variety of performances by Jaclyn Victor, Malaysia’s super-girl group De Fam, singer-songwriter Talitha, pop-sensation Jeryl Lee Pei Ling, one of Malaysia’s top magicians Andrew Lee, comedian Kavin Jay, beatboxer Sawyer Leong, as well as an original composition from Douglas Lim and a dance performance by child actress Debbie Loo.

“When I heard about this cause that is being put forward to all Malaysians, I couldn’t be happier. I have 2 children and as a mother, I know it’s important that they are safe from any health problems. Nothing should be left to chance, not even the flu,” said Jaclyn Victor.

Adding their voices to the call for flu prevention, ladies of supergroup De Fam also urged fans to be proactive, saying “It’s so important to stay healthy especially during this time, taking the flu shot is just one way to do that.”

“As we continue to fight COVID-19 together, let’s not forget that there is another dangerous disease that we can prevent now. I believe that taking steps towards flu prevention is one of the ways that I can keep myself and my loved ones safe and healthy,” said Talitha.

There are three ways to watch the show on Thursday, 10 September 2020 at 9pm:

1. Head over to the website

2. Check out the Youtube channel

3. Visit the Facebook page

The online show will be made available to the public on each respective platforms even after the day of the show.

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